Jubal is going to experience it for the fifth time. Jubal's DCI tour 2018.

It costs an immense amount to get the corps in the USA to the starting line, competing and return safely.

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As in the last trip in 2015, Jubal will again participate in the Drum Corps International Open International Class. After two successful summer tours in Italy in 2016 and France in 2017, Jubal will tour the USA for another two and a half weeks next year and participate in some Open Class contests leading to the Open Class Championships in Michigan City.

The trip ends in Indianapolis, where Jubal will join the DCI World Championships on Thursday August 9 in the magnificent Lucas Oil Stadium. Besides participation in the DCI Open Class circuit there will of course be enough time for sightseeing and relaxation. Earlier this year, a survey was held among the Jubal members in which they could express their preferences and wishes for the tour.

Jubal Chairman Hans Kloppert has been in the US over the last few weeks and has already been able to make the first arrangements with DCI CEO Dan Acheson and Open Class coordinator David Eddleman for the Jubal 2018 tour. "Earlier this year, we discussed our plans for the 2018 USA Tour internally and made it known to members. Now that the conversations have been conducted with DCI, we can finally officially release the news. We look forward to this fifth DCI adventure! ", Said Kloppert. "The last two tours we started in Houston, Texas. This was a major change in temperature. Our trip will be a little shorter in 2015 than in 2015 and we will certainly not travel so far this time. Effective planning and not too long long journeys are paramount. For the time being, we take a return flight on Chicago, and a tour that will lead us, among other things, by the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. "

Dan Acheson responded very enthusiastically to the message that Jubal returns to the US in 2018: "We look forward to welcoming Jubal for their fifth visit to the DCI Tour. Their unique presentations and performance enthusiasm have always loved drumcorps public here in the United States and we are sure the 2018 Jubal performances will do so well."

David Eddleman adds: "It's exciting news that Jubal will return in 2018 to compete in Drum Corps International events. Their creative programming, along with the international flair that their presence adds to events, makes Jubal a crowd favorite. Welcome back, Jubal! "

The Open Class corps also look forward to Jubal's participation. Ibe Sodawalla, corps director of Legends (Kalamazoo) and also DCI Open Class Chairman, also emphasizes a major added value in the cultural exchange between the corps: "We look forward to having Jubal with us at various events of the Open Class tour in 2018 .Jubal has always been an outstanding ensemble and the corps are able to share in cultural exchange during the season. "


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